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Marc Anderson

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Chirstmas Time is coming [10 Dec 2006|07:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey whoever,

Just making a post for fun,searching the web for music of somekind... damn internet players.

MMM... so at this snapshot in my life I am currently putting off homework which is not a particularly good habit for me to be getting into. I've been managing to not procrastinate this symester at all probably due to my determination to not blow off my single class I'm taking at my high school at the risk of calling myself "sad". History dictates that my marks will suffer and at this point I can't risk being acedemically weak...

High school... the 5th time round, high school masters degree, victory lap, 12B, last year(I swear), OAC, the last hurrah... anyway you put it, it's another whole year, maybe I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into when I decided not to apply for college/university last year. Well that's my drive for this year, to get out of Orillia. Which may not be the most noble, nay admirable, cause to dedicate my efforts towards, but that's what is going on for me this year. I'm taking a 12EngC course so I can have an 80% when I apply and I think this symester I'm gonna take a 12Math probably college or M plus another course, Geo or something equally as taxing to get me ready for next year. (I need some skrillz apparently).

Hanging back a year is alot of fun though, I still don't have a job (funny/depressing) and am seriously considering working at Timmy's (uhg)... Emily, Amanda and Kelsey are awesome to hang out with on spares and at Hills' (mmm) as long as things don't get too girly (what is WITH Cosmo??) People from University even come back on random weekends (Lori does alot and Mel too) and we get to hang out with them too which is always fun or sleepy (hah).

Carolyn and I had our two year anniversary nearly two weeks ago, which was pretty amazing. We are still together, and even though I think I suck at the whole long distance thing by not coming to see her as often as she'd like, sometimes it doesn't even seem to bother her. The whole thing is conflicted to me cause as much as I want to be with her I don't want to end up hurting her through disappointment, it's in those times my doubts about our future really get to me.

It's good to shuffle some of my thoughts onto here, crude as it seems. But I think i'll go do smoething else now.... bye!

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Blogging [17 May 2006|10:49pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Sorta bored... hungry... listening to music... think I've explored just about everybody else's corner of the web at this point... so I'll jus let loose in here... could waste the next half hour right??

Well it'll definetly kill sometime...

My day:
Physics was very boring... spare was work-filled... In-class day in Co-op... wich was fun cause I got to hand in one of three of our scrapbooks that were due today... I worked pretty hard on it though... rushed it only where choosing possible post-secondary paths (hah say that ten time fast...
possible post-secondary paths
possible post-secondary paths
possible post-secondary paths
possible post-secondary paths
possible post-secondary paths
possible post-secondary paths
possible post-secondary paths...)

...and not including the transcript for educational background... but I think that might be a smallish portion of what she'll be looking for... wow I'm getting excited about school... There's something God suprises me with everyday... and the principal for that matter... he wanted me to serve a detention for skipping physics a few times... reasonable man, I'm sure I could have gotten away with it if the atendence lady wasn't out to get me... no I am not paranoid... I think she wants money or something... *imitates the wicked witch of the west* "Are YOU Marc Anderson?"....

Actually the detention was an experience all it's own, I put together my scrapbook during the lunch period and now I can actually say I have been there done that... (gotta check that off my list...)

lol... well... yeah...

"That's how my freakin' day went!" to quote a show I know... (<-- good ryhme)

Hung out with Jimmy, who I have not seen for THE longest of times, he had a rougher day at school, so we drowned our sorrows in ginger ale and then to his house with Gran Turismo (which I suck at) finally settling on Call of Duty 2 for some chillage... came home just in time to make dinner (Sloppy Joes FTW...) and watch a little TV before becoming immensely bored and ending up blogging out an entry which I know I will look back on and see as a "bad mood day" which is fine by me... I kind of enjoy that perspective... I mean it's great to just be happy all day and fly through the day like nothing will ever go wrong but even now it's nice to be a little pissed and fun to feel like everything will be better tomorow...

That may sound weird... but that's just fine by me...

So that only took me about ten minutes to type out :(

...maybeee.... I can talk about my Co-op?

I work at PF which is another high school (Catholic to be specific) and I help out with a Gr 10 Art class, very halarious with all the little 10's and Ben (the gr11 'Synergy' guy) asking their questions and complaints that art sucks and the awkward-ness after I tell them I want to be an artist... lol... theyre a good bunch o' kids... no matter how much they slack Mrs. Cipp always seems to bring out the bets in em... I guess if I was a teacher that's sorta the kinda teacher I'd want to be... really on the kids side while still maintaining the ability to flip around and play the tough-ass... (jacko-style)

right now I am on MSN... and people are funny to talk to... esp. them emo kids... damn funny people....

Let's see... a question that keeps coming up is... What's new? and my answer is not much, most often...

But I suppose quite a bit has happened, CC HAS GONE BACK DOWN TO mARYLAND AND (wow sry caps, I'm too lazy to even correct it sry) and I feel really far away from her, even more so cause she can't come to my formal... which may or may not be a good thing... cause her's was A-maze-ing... totally-wicked-bad-awesome-sick... and OD isn't as big a school... anyways, It's really just about being there with my friends (OOOOH email from Hotmail Staff!)... I just wish that Carolyn could be there too... like REALLY wish... like "comon God! stop messing with me!" ...well at any rate, I guess she'll be coming up soon after that.... with her Mom to this really cool cottage...

Mmm X-3 loooks Amazinggggggg.... like WOW... I watched X-2 the other night and that got me totally pumped... Phil an Dev an I are green to go for that thing... whenever it comes out...

Plans for next 2 days:
-Await OPC application status expectantly....
-Look for jobs during summer bseides camp? (cause' I "can't afford camp")
-Go to Co-op
-Do well on the gimp Optics test tomorow...
-pwn dem noobs (says chris)
-aaaaaaaaaaand... stare at my super-cool new Userpic... aaaaaa isn't he cool? (the sign says will save the world for food) but the res is tooooo damn small... unless you have 10x optic converging lenses and a projection screen on which to measure the real, inverted image... lol Physics bytes)

And that ladies and gentlemen... is how we waste an whole half hour before calling my favorite girl in the whole world!

that anderson kid...

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Funny story, it's true though [15 May 2006|10:19pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

So this may seem sort of random but this must be told:

Love Story (a.k.a. Prelude to my Funny Story)

Boy meets girl, they date (long distance) she lives in the States, they love each other, girl goes to university closer to where boy lives, boy vistits girl at university

Funny Story (where the love story left off)

So I was sitting with my girlfriend, Carolyn, in her friend and future housemate, Joe's room, along with good dorm-mates (and some other future housemate) whom are pretty much Canadian...

Now this is often a cause of much teasing and poking fun at on Carolyn's part, and Joe happened to be checking out his LJ... lol ...I don't really say anything, but Carolyn's friends pipe up:
"OH sweet i have an LJ too!"
"Ahh no way! mee too!"
"That's so cool!"

Carolyn is looking a little confused and they exlain that LJ is livejournal an online blog free for everyone whom desires one... in fact everyone should have one...

but Carolyn doesn't have one... :P

so naturally she turns to me, expectancy-of-me-being-a-blog-virgin-myself in her eyes as her friends question wether or not i have ever heard of LJ...

and so i hang my head and say, "well ...erm, my username is wandersoul"

Carolyn's jaw dropped (I remember that pretty well) and riotous laughter ensued... all of us, enjoying my girlfriend's wonderful innocence...

End of Funny Story...

P.S. no i did not die in a firey car crash like you only see in the movies... I'm still living life and enjoying the new summer to come...

erm? bye!

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The Camp Update [15 Jul 2005|11:40am]
[ mood | thankful ]

Hey all. I'm at camp. Ontario Pioneer Camp, in specific Adventure Camp. Right now im on my hour off... There is really a ton to tell but i have limited time to type so here goes nuthin!

Having a group of little kids to counsel for a week is a really big and demanding responsibility. BUt SOOOO much fun... the kids get really excited and theyre soo energetic. Definetly one of the best experiences of my life so far. Plus my name has been changed to "Hawk"... sweet eh? :D

It's awesome to be around so many Christians and espaecially good friends i know who really care about me. having carolyn around is nice too.. haha... like REALLY nice

So... im really tired and will definetley sleep right through my two weeks back at camp... speakibng of which i think im back at the begining of august... need to learn how to drive and look for a job for this year... *gulp*

*double gulp*

this is the big edit:
anyways its another scorcher out there today!

okay so precamp was a blast, chilling out and eating abosoloutley massive meals (free!) going to sessions led by various mambers of the senior staff, and playing a bit of frisbee (but somehow the site work stole all of my extra time..... =( ...)

My first week of camp i was co-leading a chalet with a guy named Wes "R.O.U.S."(i love that guy)... I won't actually write anything about my campers cause I don't feel like writing about them... to you, the reader(no offense)...

Second week, I was supposed to be involved with SN, watching a possible case neglect but the guy reacted so positively to the camp environment (love rules! yehah!) that Rachel "Rain" (special needs co-ordinator) moved me to help Jon "Winfrey" to help out on evenings with another SN camper... but i was still with ROUS... AND Jeff's lil bro, Paul did LIT and "frosh" came to help out that chalet too... amazing really... frosh was looking for an SN experience and eventually got it next week (see below)

Third week:
Frosh and I took over for Winfrey over the weekend and had one of the most challenging camp experiences... Autism is tougher than I expected, and the segragation thing had me feeling pretty isolated... Frosh really impressed me and it seems like he's similar to Jeff... somehow... i can't nail it down to a specific thing but he reallly did awesome... his tolerance and natural ability to deal with nearly everything our camper got into.... i hope he got his SN experience and it sounds like he'll be coming back (hired on again for later in the summer!) I know I really grew and learned quite a few things about myself... looking back on the week I don't regret anything about it even though it seemed really tough then...

Currently, im working with a kid this week (AC session 4, but my week-5) hes alot on fun! hes a physically special needs camper and i hope I can make his camp experience alot more awesome... he's integrated into normal camper life... he's a real sweetheart and I'm actually co-leading a chalet with Mark "Penner" so I even have alot more support just by having Penner around... the only thing is i really am gonna try to not lean on Penner too much... I know he'll be awesome about it whenever... it's gonna be a sweet week...

Speaking of Penner!!!! he got three new albums from his mom: two of his crazy cool christian death metal! AND THIS ONE!!!! super hyped it!!!!!!!!!

some lyrics:

Every time I call you on the phone
I listen to it ring but no one's home
I can't explain the energy that
You give me when I'm left here alone

And every time I pass you on the street
You won't even turn and look at me
I never would of thought that things could
Go this far but please believe me

I'll pick you up, won't let you fall
I'll build your trust and it won't hurt at all,
Your only drug will let you down,
I'm through now, so take me and blow me away

*stops freaking out*
kinda relates to my life here at home... i think i miss carolyn... i'm gonna start hanging out this weekend i think... but back to camp... this whole special needs thing.... well achery got cancelled and i needed something to do... Heather "Flakes" was floating around asking people to consider SN training instead of activities... and i was already looking for something.... it was me getting halfway in for my own reasons: to not look ignorant and be comfortable around these kinda kids (plus they have extremely rewarding moments) As I look back at the experiences i had in my third fourth and this one... i am just amazed... and so glad that i did go for those extra sessions and crazy hot stifling talks in the Cedarwood...

this whole summer is going perfect.. I'd like to get back to normal chalet leading for my last two weeks... we'll see where i am called though...

That's all for now... :D

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14 - Good ol' Monday (but for the most part they're still evil) [20 Jun 2005|09:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

As with every Monday I update on, I will always refer to the weekend first... that's just how I work... eat my shorts... I am wearing them right now though so bring your own when you do come to eat my shorts... it makes sense, be quiet!

hahaha, okay onto the weekend, thourough avoidance of homework (never a good thing for Monday before exams) and even a major social event managed to squeeze it's way into the schedule of the weekend... I was extremeley busy but had a very restful and satisfying weekend. I left an entry Saturday, sometime before my party, I was later to go see Batman Begins with Dev and Phil right after lunch... I was up and eating breakfast fairly late, on my porch what a great time... then I was cutting the lawn, and then Dev tried to pick me up, heheh oops... i took my shower (under 3 minutes) and got ready while Dev picked Phil up and then we all went to the movie theatre and I grabbed the nacho dog combo (cheapest available food/money thing I figure) It was a great movie no matter what the guy on CBC said as me n' my mom drove to the store to pick up food for the party... which brings us to my party...

Well I did say 7ish, and Mel turned up at 7, complete with a innocent loking rose (and the most ultimate card ever!) Devon arrived and soon Shawna... and then other people just trickled in, Emily, Amanda... Anna, Sheela, and Laura came together, Ashley and Sarah came after Ash's work... and then, Carolyn and Ellen, Lyditia and Katie, things were pretty sweet, we ordered pizza and called Lori over and Angela came with her, I can't remember what happened, Kelsey came eventually, the three left together too and uh? well it got cold... I had everything out on the deck so that's kinda where we stayed and I think had some good clean fun... it was really great to hang out with friends one last time, glad they met Carolyn, wasn't a too big affair, everybody pretty much cleared off by 10:30 or quarter to 11... Dev peeled out early... there was this poorly co-ordinated suprises in which gel came into the hair region... uhg... lol though everybody thought it was funny including me... later it was just the American girls and Kelsey and I left... tried to make Carolyn another CD, my last one didn't wrok apparently.. grrr... lol I hope she'll like it... she gave me one with her song "2 a.m." on it recorded from her concert earlier this year... I love it when she performs... but anyways!

great little party, my dad is absoloutely the king of ssssmoothness for reasons kept down as much as possible...

Hey guess what I just did! I took a picutre! and here I am!

I&apos;d wave at you, but...
^_^ *wave*

But Sunday was real fun, I just chilled and organized notes for studying all this week :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STill don't know what everybody thinks of Carolyn I guess I'll talk to 'em tomorow... who cares anyways I'm going to spend a heavy portion of the summer at camp closer than I've ever been to her!! *marc scores a field goal!*

haha I don't know... i'm prolly crazy... i was talking to camp people I hope to see everybody (or most of em anyways...) on the night of the 24th! that is gonna be one wild and crazy night... I still have to prepare for camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaa...

Today was cool, very nice outside of school and I think I'll spend lunch at the school tomorow... but big thing for today... I GOT MY G-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and the crowd goes wild!)

Aw yea I went down today and totally owned the test, went and found Ashley at her work and showed her (bought some delicieuse scones too!) I hope I get the offical card soon I can't wait to get out there and practise!!!! (TIP: stay clear of all roads tomorow!) haha jk I'll be studying.,.. WHILE i'm driving!!!!!! ahahahaha this is gonna be so much FUN!!!!

but that just about does it for today other than a kick butt dinner on the porch... mmm BBQ... but now it's time to crack down... heehehh! have a good night everyone!

Always looking out for yah,

P.S. Is it just me, or do I write LONG entries?

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#13 - The "lucky entry" as I call it [18 Jun 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Today is Saturday. The first day marking less than a week before I go to camp! I mean... this time next week, I'll be waking up and trying to summon up courage enough to dive into Lake Clearwatter at this temperature... And not further than a 10 minute walk from seeing someone really close to my heart... This is gonna be so great... I'm so ready just to get there now...

But obstacles stand in my way... namely, exams and my social life... I still have a phenominal ammout of Physics homework to get done, but I'll put a couple dents in that and then get ready to have people over... sounds like pretty much everyone I invited can make it... now... I guess Kels has to make up her own mind... she made a real turnaround in her explained intentions but somehow I wouldn't be suprised if she didn't make it... I just wanna have some fun tonight on my back porch, some food, good music and great friends... it better warm up...

I was gonna type something else like this, i was in a crazy good mood for 11:30 last night but unfortunately my mom thinks i need sleep on a weekend night or something... wierd eh? ah well... I'm very energetic this morning, I guess I'll cut the grass soon... woot... uh... what else...

Ah! exams... yeesh... got had four lined up... nailed the gym assignment exam, and stumbled yet landed a probable 60% or so essay on my society (200 multiple choice still left... halfway there!) ...so I think I've got about two and a half exams left... physics is gonna take a bit of work that's Wed... (MR. Q might give me the mark I get on the exam +5% if i can get this review done... thad be NICE) ...Society isn't gonna be too bad, but i need a good mark to pass... but Calculus... oh calculus... i calculated (no pun intended harhar...) my mark out and I need a minimum 47% on the exam to get 50.0% on the dot... Mr. Marshall isn't one to hand out marks out either... plus he hates me... i think... I gotta give that one my all... if I ace it... i think my mark could go all the way to 68% or so... hahahahahahahahahahahaa... but I'll try to get as close as possible... But that's Friday morning whereupon I'm leaving for camp for 7 or 9 ish... pm.... :D ....i dunno... but that's my reward for hitting the books so hard...

What was with me this symestter... i just didn't care... 2 ISU's shrugged off and... well numberous other little assignments are gonna shoot my average down this year... i was pretty dumb and probably gonna have to spend an extra year at OD... unless i just absoloutely give'r next year, working and school both... but this is deserving of later thought, and prayer...

anyways... off to cutting that lawn and not worrying about the next little while.... I'm feeling great!
take care and spread out on a bed somewhere and relax... if not for yourself, for me...

later days

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belated bday's and such [13 Jun 2005|05:50pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

omigoshes... just lost the whole entry I just had... right... starting over! woot :(

uhmz... so my weekend was in stratford... with family and people... had some good food and even came back to a birthday party at home with my other set of grandparents Sunday night...

ohyah... it was my bday yesterday... haha "how do you feel now that you're 17?" like i'm supposed to be noticeably crazier or more mature or whatever... Carolyn called and we talked for an hour and a bit, pretty in depth about some of the stuff I've been stressing over... she's coming up on the 15th with her friends bound for Crown Island, I can't wait to see her again... plans are in motion for the 18th, I hope everything works out, Kels can't come (???) ......................uhuh... what else... exams are creeping closer, i have major tests the next couple of days...... I can't even think about what the next couple of weeks are gonna be like... less than that... how am i even keeping this journal thing up!!?!?

I should be getting ready for everything... ready for what? ready...
just ready... "'_'!

made plans last night... setting them into motion is gonna take guts... good to know that there are people who won't hesitate to make me smile... there out there, and I really appreciate them...

haha funny story about me going to school today:
woke up, Monday morning, ugh...
went to school, hot outside, dont' mind it at all...
got to my locker, it was decorated, terribly confused...
looked around at my friends crowding the locker, they're all grinning, I grin...
after getting a "Happy Birthday" from em all, nobody leaves... must be worth being late for class for...
the total inside of my locker is covered in extremely well placed bras...
quite halarious, one of the more... uh... pleasant (not the way it sounds! but... ask me about it if you don't get what I mean) suprises, but like 2x more embarrassing suprises I've ever had.. the looks I got until the donatees removed em for the afternoon were HALARIOUS...

went down with steph to mariposa, deposited my B-day monies, gonna get the G-1 before i go away... I swear it! bought some sweet sandals... gonna go to the mall tonight... it's raining on and off today...

some lyric to this song:

You remind me of the times
When I knew who I was (I was)
But still the second hand will catch us
Like it always does

I hope it doesn't, I'll fight for it not to as hard as I can...

gotta straighten myself out before tomorow...
until later, perhaps much later... *crosseyes*
-marc MANderson (mike u rock me socks)

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#11 - It's almost my birthday [10 Jun 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | restless ]

was looking back on all of previous entries... very kool stuff.............

This week at a glance:
L-O-L to fridays... and little green men, First-Time-Skippers, glass taps aaaand gravity "winning"
W-T-F to lost co-op applications... school marks, wierd acts of people and oafs (haha jk)

I feel wierd... I don't really want to write here... I'll tell yah about my week...

can't remember anything about it... monday's are like that... was probably tired for one reason or another

What did I do? ...Had a day of school, really nothing exciting think... played some frisbee outside cause it was nice... I loaded more music onto mp3 or soemthing... gods my memory is bad... I did talk to Carolyn, it's gonna be a hell of a few weeks to come... [everything ends on the 24th... then I go to camp... it's only two weeks away!]

Being late is my trademark? I can see that... got my athletic banquet ticket.... Went for my co-op interview... they lost my application but said i was permitted [PERMITTED] to sumbit another by friday... but hay... I realized how much I love just throwing away reponsibilities... and having great friends around... it's the freedom i think... Plans in motion for the 18th... gonna be crazy...

it was getting warmer... humid anyways... what a day thursday.... I was convinced that it was the day 'fore the weekend............................. uhg...

...was wierd... I feel so confused... I need to focus on the stuff that really matters... get my head on straight... I think im going away for the weekend...

wow what an entry............................. i apologise......... im getting offa here now..........

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Long time... but it's okay [07 Jun 2005|05:25pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Well hey, I'm sorry to uh.. anyone who has been poking in from time to time (lol Kaitie) It just kinda seems like I don't have much time for spending online... I should update at least once a week (lol its been nearly... seems like year (prolly accurate) scince my last post...) it seems I went on summer and never came back... yay summer... naw seriously, I love it... summer is my time of year... t'was a pretty awesome summer... I can prolly start there...

This is gonna a be a big post *gulp*

/Documenting my life from the uh... begining of last summer (this is prolly gonna turn out to be the biggest leaveing out of details ever)

So... not a whole lot happened in the first few weeks... I mean, seriously I was relieved to be off school and to be 16 years old... had a bunch of plans for drivers licecences and other stuff but mainly avoided that stuff and hung out with friends and worked on a SWEET tan (lol!)...

And that was kinda the first half of my summer... pretty simple so far

Then came LIT. Leaders In Training program at OPC. Ontario Pioneer Camp, located on beautiful Lake Clearwater somewhere in Ontario's Muskoka area, Port Sydney, which is kinda near Huntsville. (haha theres some details fo yah!) Anyways, I had been looking forward to 4 weeks of camp awesome-fun-madness for quite some time now... a tiny bit nervous about spending 4 weeks of my summer at a camp... But what an experience.. I met new people that really made an impact on me and developed ideas and even habits that I feel have improved myself but mostly my relationships to others. The first two weeks involved going through a leadership program and the last two putting that training into work (haha I jus ate dinner) basically working with another councillor at one of the camp sites Boy's, Girl's and Adventure Camp (BC, GC, AC) Now as part of our training we got to experience the two possibilities of internship for me at BC and AC (also a service project: I pulled weeds from beach at AC) I was totally pumped for Rovers (youngest section at BC (10 +11 yrs) but put down Discovery at AC (also youngest but 5 + 6 yrs old) as my third choice... I guess cause I was willing to go, or for whatever reason, I had the oppourtunity to deal with the tiny ones... They really were alot of fun and taught me more than I had even thought possible about young children... It was a learning experience, a time of huge growth for me personally and a place that took up root in me. pretty deep eh? well hey... i didn't even mention the canoe trip (and my twin, Mark), my frisbee skillz or this girl i met, let alone all the other people at lit... ^_^

Heh... but after camp... what happened after camp... Gr 11 started... I had... Math (functions and Relations UHG) Art (YEEEHAH + Whytock = mixed results) English (Mr Caryl 4ever!) and... uh... Biology (with ms cole who had never taught it before loool) It was fun to be back in school, I still talked with most of my camp friends, I was jet set... School always has me jumping back into my slacker ways... first symester didnt turn out so well although I got some valuable insight into what I could be doing with my future... soccer (no Xcountry this year) was great... Sr. Boys Team had great momentum but unfotunateley we lost to cursed Twin somehow at Gbs... damn them =P (i'm going psycho on thier arses next time!) Not a whole lot happened between that and pre-ski season...

Fall really was... different... it's hard to explain... I felt that certain portions of my life were fading while everything else was coming into focus... it's complicated... Basically the good things about fall: Carolyn Crysdale...and that wraps it up... it was strange.. I felt like i was in Grade 9 again with whispered comments about "someone liking me"... only it was from my camp friends... it just kinda mattered more, probably because I was extremely curious if possibly one girl was the one. And then one day I got the best email of my life, one where Carolyn spelled her situation out to me... and I liked it, alot... that's how things got started with me and her... emails and then messenger progresed to phone calls to phone conversations... with a few visits scattered in between... long distance relationship, you see... It's been going ever scice... once off for a bit... priorities and stuff, but I think we made the mature decision, but I needed to show her that I still cared a whole lot for her, I couldn't stand me coming down for prom meaning nothing romantically...

That went on over winter... prom obviously was the 13th of May.. haha fri 13th but something great happened... but ANYWAYS...

Skiing was another part of what consumed me for most of winter, I tried out Development Squad at Hardwood Hills.... and pretty much recieved some training but definetley didn't achive potentialities... big sigh for sports this year... didn't even go out for track in the spring...

Spring came pretty fast... those symesters changed and I almost didn't notice... really have gotten into music... thanks mp3 player... some issues came up that had really been pulling some tension for quite some time surfaced... kinda a funny part of the year from my point of view...

It's been a change Gr11... met alot of new people, hope to hang with most of em before I go off to camp again......

And nowadays I enjoy going to Gym class and hopefully attempting to pass my other three classes... we'll see what becomes of me... I have some game plans (or a general guide to where I want to take my life) and we'll see what happens... I'll try to update more often... this would have been a little longer explaining what kinda changes I've been going through in the last little while... I'm gettign booted off and this is prolly long enough for a record or something... I'll update about my current life later.. next week or so... it's been a history lesson here, current events soon to come... I hope... until then...

keep it real,

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Stalker [27 Jun 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


I have found out that I have a stalker! It's taken quite a bit of time for me to sort out just who it could be...

At first I suspected _showna_ but then I knew that it couldn't have been her... beacause she's way too nice... and then I figured on Galea... and remembered she is my best friend... and hence can't reallly spy on me when she's in too close... So after pacing about my smoke filled room (for effect and NOTHING ELSE) and achieveing a high score on HeliAttack2, and some careful and deliberate thinking I decided to just take the quiz and find out! and here are the results!

wandersoul's LJ stalker is flawed_one!
flawed_one is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also stalking the rest of your friends list!

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I'm so glad I have one of those non-threatening types of stalkers... ahaha!

Yeah so... im gonna go watch the rest of Master and Commander...


(Where IS that Kelsey girl???)
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Finally... [09 Jun 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

YEP! I'm now finally posting!

I could go on forever about how my computer is a freaking heap of scrap metal that will never ammount to anything but a massively useless waste of good metal that I'm sure could be used in helping our metal smiths into a new age of prosperity rather than sitting here finding a new way to contemplate the meaning of the words "dopey" and "thick". NOT to mention the number of times where it has gotten to the very crest, no, PINNICALE of completing the simplest task of booting up when I ask it to...

But anyways... It's working okay now so I'm happy...

I took a quiz that Kelsey gave me! Here's my warning label... Take heed, it just might save your life in the near future...



From Go-Quiz.com

Haha... burning fire burn wood burning flames burn hair

er... i mean................ blue skies and green grass!!!!

haha... okay today... today... what happened today...

I had my Drama presentation today... which was fun.. and funny... I hope... It was about a group of grown-up kids coming back to say good-bye to thier school which is gonna be torn down... Since Showna is having some technical difficulties... (or is she??? I'll check later) ...I'll fill you in on what an amazing role she had... Mrs. Hamilton, the slighty aggravated class-room teacher had the most lines and somehow able to step out of the room in every single scene/flashback was played by none other than Ms. Thompson herself... The whole thing was really fun to put on... I had a geeky little stud character who wanted the ice queen (a beatiful ice queen, at that) of the class-room... It was funny... trust me... I was running around in the morning and just doing everything with the door that we had to move and... just like everything... I WAS BROILING... stupid outfit... shirt tie AND PANTS!!!!! uhg...

lol... and then we put it on infront of like a ton of people and I don't think anybody screwed up TOO badly...

...OH! but when I had to take off my tie, I couldn't get it undone because SOMEBODY can't tie them up right... so I had to tuck it in... joy oh joy... that was hailarious... Amy was just going to cut it off (crazy scissor-driven lady) when I just put it in my shirt... lol...

My afternoon.. was better... not as hectic... but yeah... went for a walk outside and it cooled down with a littlle bit of cloud cover... good times to hang out on the bleachers... meh...

Wes the LIT (leader in traing) director at OPC (ontario Pionner camp) called me for an interview... whoohoo! I'm gonna go to camp with any luck... he's gotta figure out if I make the cut or not... pray with me?

Lol anyways... I'll just go... do some stuff... one last quiz methinks and then I'll get offa here...


What kind of girl do you want?
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LOL... don't get offended girls... I'm always open... but that description sounds just about right... the name isn't and the pic is cool... blondes DO have the most fun...

Times getting tight!!!! byebyes for now! I will return...

-Marcus Andersoanus
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So here it is... [27 May 2004|04:46pm]
My font colour is: wandersoul

...haha! cool...

Here's how to find yours!

1. Copy: [font color=USERNAME][b]USERNAME[/b][/font]
2. Paste into yo next journal entry
3. Obviously, replace 'USERNAME' with yo username
4. an finally... try replacing any of the [ or ] symbols with the < or > ,respectively...

5. Good Luck!
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Whoa... [24 May 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | content ]

Haha... I'm over at Kelsey's right now...

I just did this 'Bottle Fairy' quiz thinger and now you can see that this cute little creature is modeled just after me! :p

You are Kururu!
You're the first to join in anything that looks
fun, or anything that doesnt come to mention
it. Bright and cheerful, and maybe a little
hyper too.

Which Bottle Fairy Are You?
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So yeah... I promise to update for real in a little while but for now I wanna have some 'fun' with Kels... :P!!! We are going to go to dinner an do stuff after or whatever...

Check ya l8er! byebye


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!Kickin' Weekend! ^_^ [10 May 2004|02:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Mondays suck... but whatever, eh?

THE WEEKEND is what is important!

Friday winded down pretty fun working backstage at the Crucible (our school play this year) and then that night was filled with chaos because...


oh man oh man... I wish I had brought lots more people along... it was mucho fun!

The rain beat down for most of the day (it started as we go there...) Phil Dev an I took off to find Phil's cousins (Kenny Lauren an' Smaller Guy) ...and ended up expolring one of those shops for like 45 min! (there was SSSOOO much Spongebob, unbearable!!!) Then we decided to visit DragonFire and grab some lunch... then..... MineBuster (very fun!!!) an' SkyRider, then we tried Psysomethin' and found Kenny whenin we learned that the concert was gonna get going... after a quick jog over to where we needed to be, we found our seats and jumped in 'em to find Thousand Foot Krutch blasting off the concert in style! (which brings my TFK concert count to 2!!!) They were so good!

An hour later we decided Superchick (da' next band) would be sacrificed for another round of Skyrider... and then we HAD to go onto DropZone..... like COME ON ITS DropZone! but then....

RELIENT K started to play and Phil and Kenny started to go absoloutley NUTS... we sprinted most of the way from across the park to check em' out... we got there just after the first song (world record time!!) and proceded to have fun jumpin around on the fringe of everything... and it was awesome!

AudioAdreniline went after that, supper time came and went... funny story there... they had a great performance, really rocked the place... Newsboys came on after that... now THOSE WERE the COOLEST effect's i have ever seen... blinkers and streamers looked very cool in the dark.... ahahaha...

The bus ride home was somethin I can't forget... prolly only funny to me and whoever was there... kinda like this whole entry... but thanks for reading, eh!

Wish you were there!


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#4 -- TuesdayTuesdayTuesday [04 May 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]


Messa good and I've had a fairly good day. It was Shawna's birthday today so: "Hey Shawna! ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" ...I was yelling that all day at her... or anytime saw her... maybe she's pissed at me... but I hope she's having a great birthday... her locker was even decorated an' everything... but no word of a party just yet... or maybe there is and Shwana just can't know about it... bwahahaha... or not... maybe just nobody's told me... meh...

I was semi-awake toady before my alarm went off so I actually woke up instead of being inturrupted in my restful slumber... rolling into school felt kinda nice... a cool day with bright early morning sunshine... History was cool-ish... videos require no attention span, so I sat there with my eyes just glazed over... We had this actor-guy come in and talk to us about some stuff... funny actor-guy, that is... 20 minutes in Tech felt like a couple seconds... Lunch was cool... I got to hang with people and talk to most ofn them... Kels (who was seeming rather glum) lended me her Rice Krispy bar to hold onto for awhile... I later then had to remind her that I was in fact holding it for her... Drama was kinda nice... except that Amy (aka Ms. MacAtak) split up the my dream team on an account of the 'scenes' that we will be doing had to be "serious" and no cross-dressing should be taking place... which kinda sucks... but now I get to talk about ducks!!! YAY! Then came 4th... Art was kinda cool... except I hate the stupid ink we have to work with... so Jordan an' I played 'Snafu' on everybody in sight... and we are definatley NOT crazy... and after school Kelsey went hyper which is great to see :D after popping in one last time to wish Shawna a positively glowing B-day, I went home in the equally as bright sunshine to skip Track practice...

No Crucible practise tonight... I am Stage Crew and I work for a grand total of 30 min out of 4 or 5 hours that the practise goes for... aannd I might go over to Kels' tonigh and that is simply the icing on the cake... not really... well that s what I mean but I just dont like icing or cake all THAT much... Its more like... the beauty of the curve of a great frisbee toss... ontop of the grand distace I've thrown today... ...don't get it? don't worry... that's just me... EEP! ...I blather...

And that's how my day went... sooo yeah... I've noticed that I have a grand total of 2 mutual friends on this site and I have decided to try to expand and meet people... so... if anyone that you think I should meet is bored... refer tham to me... but if you don't want to feel guilty about putting them through me, close youyr eyes as you do it... but at anyrate... here's my question: Where/How did you guys meet anyone else on YOUR friends list?

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The Long Week [27 Apr 2004|01:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

From last Sunday to this Sunday, every day has felt like it's taken quite a bit out of me... even this weekend hasn't given me rest... I've just had to put my head down and just do it... IT meaning everything from a History essay to an 800-meter race. But it sure has been interesting, being exhausted and all...
Let's see... it all started on a dark and stormy night... (Hah, I've always wanted to say that...) :P

---Sunday/Monday morning: I was up late (can't remember how late) doing my History essay that was assigned... at least 2 months ago... Shows what kind of work habits I have...

*physical exhaustion sets in*

---Tuesday: was the kind of day that felt like a monster storm was going to hit at any given moment... had to run Track and then come home and furiously practise my Monolouge...

*stress level rising*

---Wensday: All morning spent running Gollum voices through my head and marcstartstothinkhe'sgoingCCRRAAZZYY... cut out a boat in Tech with a scary band-saw... but 'phew' no presenting Monlouge today... Kelsey sick today (habits of waiting at locker are dumb...) ...and to add insult to injury, my clay blew up in the kiln-oven thing... Marc spent all ART glueing stupid pieces back to stupid together...

*sadness bites*

---Thursday: I finally felt confident that I knew my monolouge... and lo and behold, I got that offa my chest... had a fairly easy practise at track... um ...then I had to get ready for tomorow going to leave directly from school to a track meet in Kingston...

*panic sets in*

---Friday: Wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be... a nice quiet car ride was enough to let me sort out what hit me this week. Fun times over in Kingston... but thats going away in the vault... hah... the trip was pretty fun... I had a nice soft hotel bed to stay in too...

*finally start to relax*

---Saturday: the morning brought confusion and was extremely hectic... I was in the sun all day as you can tell from my lightly tanned face... and the bright red glow of windburn on top of that...

*sleep deprivation takes effect*

---Sunday: The final day of rest on which that storm finally came... it was thundering and lightning... in fact I went to the mall with Kels and almost convinced her that she would look ravishing in anyhting she wanted to wear...

*a little froggy in my throat*

Thanks be to the Big Guy for getting me through the past week. As I sit here and type this while school goes on, I realize that I may have tried to push others away as I've tried to glue together the fragments of the days of the week into some decent order :P ...Oh well... I hope my remorse is not too little too late... I try not to let happen next time... lesson this week? Meh... accept help where yeah get it...

I must watch some Alias now... (I bought the WHOLE season ONE on DVD!) ...I hope that wasn't a complete waste of your valuable time, but, that's whats happened the past couple of... well... in the past week... This is because I havn't updated in the longest of times... annnd.... I was bored... so there..... next up: Alias! Episode 2; "So It Begins"

Keep smiling guys!


(P.S. whoa... THAT was a long one!)

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The Second of the, soon to be more than, Trilogy [19 Apr 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I gots to love this journal thing! I finally got the colours to work the ways I wanted them too! So now it'll look much better than with the grey text of the previos entry... and... here we go...

ZZZzzz... I'm tired now... following the stupid blue birds around today... maybe I'm just floating or something... er... I was up LATE last night... (can't really remember HOW late though... maybe that's an indication...) ...doing my dumb history essay that was due today, but was assigned like three months ago.... there's a lesson to be learned here boys and girls, i just dunno what it is yet... I really don't feel all that bad... like my mood indicates... I just need to go to bed fairly early tonite... bla... lets see... what happened today? and why am i always looking for a strech when you guys seem to write like... flowing? yeah why do you guys flow where as I suck... It must be terribly interesting to read my random ramblings from after school tension... I liked the weather today, it was pre-storm wind + humidity but was warm all day, without too much storming anyways... which was cool... everytime I went outside it was like 'Ah...'

but... besides that... I did... stuff, today! Oh yeah... I'm the master of that stuff... I smashed that stuff... it didn't even know what hit it! Yaeh... I'm done for today... I wish you all to get rest, lots, tonight... it's a neccessity that life needs to remain unpleasant... so anyway... bye now!


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This is just my first post... nothing big... [15 Apr 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | uh... Heya world! ]

I don't even know what the hey to type!!! Oh well... I guess I should type what went on with me today...

-I woke up
-I had to go to school
-I had a great morning in Art and Drama... afternoon went well!
-We had a fire drill... that was fun...
-I locked up my locker and then...
-I had to go to track practice after school
-After I staggered home... I... did... not a whole lot... (marc has no life...)
-And now I find myself here... typing stuff... (is that what you would call it? stuff sounds right to me...)

So, that's enough for now methinks... pretty basic but mehopes this'll get a bit better as I get used to the site... very cool so far!


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